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Bring Your DATA to Life!

Data Integrity Matters!

No matter how strong your search engine is, it's only as good as your data. 

Make your website shine, allow your staff to analyze more efficiently and accurately, and close that sale with your customers.... with solid data management practices, and clean data.

What are Your Data Goals?


Improve search results for your customers and your in-house team members.

Increase ordering efficiency through internal and public web-based applications.

Minimizing or eliminate customer wait times at physical lineups, order desks and sales counters.

Increased client and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Moving Forward - Steps to Improvement

Daunting?.... Maybe.

Attainable?.... Absolutely!

- Establish your organization's direction for web based and in-house data management. 

- Review of the data entry and maintenance practices with in-house data experts.

- Examine how existing database(s) integrate with other applications/programs.  

- Determine budget requirements for each improvement plan.

- Prioritize each improvement plan based on efficiency gains and return on investment.

- Provide services and direction to complete data integrity improvements and process improvements.

- Communicate all milestones, feedback and progress to all stakeholders throughout the process.

- Monitor data integrity and processes to maintain high quality data and efficient processes.

Your Data Project - Our Service

Project Stakeholder Liaison.

Data Cleaning and Classification..

Data Entry Services and Initiatives.

​Search Engine Performance Testing.

Improvement Strategy Feedback.

Regular Maintenance and Monitoring.

Data Cleaning Specifics

- formatting

- spelling and accuracy

- part number

- manufacturer part number

- substitution part numbers

- manufacturer

- substitution manufacturers

- short descriptions

- long descriptions

- other item specifications

- URL or other links to specifications, photos, and data

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